My First Birchbox- Disappointing May Gossip Girl Edition

Before signing up for Birchbox, I did my research. Read the Birchbox website & read what other bloggers were saying about it- I never came across a negative experience, so I had high hopes about this box.

Thinking now, maybe my hopes were too high.. but I was little diappointed when I saw the sample sizes. It’s not like I’m getting this box for free, so high hopes & disappointment are valid.

That being said, you should know that I was a extra excited-

1. I waited a month for my first Birchbox. (When you sign up, they say they’ll send your first box immediately– for reasons I don’t recall- they were unable to ship my initial box, and just credited me back for that month – it really wasn’t bad, just added to the excitement of getting my first box). 

2. It was also a special Gossip Girl edition -I’m not a big fan, but there was a lot of hype surrounding this ‘special edition’.

3. Lastly- shipping took for-ever, which just built up loads of anticipation. The Box arrived on the 11th – which I consider on-time since their website says they ship on the 10th, but I received a ‘your item has shipped’ notification 7 days before getting the box. Such a long wait when your as excited as I was.

It’s a nice presentation and array or products- and of course it’s fun to get little goodies, but it just didn’t seem worth it with everything being so small. It’s all tiny samples- the kind you can get for free at any department or beauty specialty store. But it’s still fun to get this stuff in the mail.

While I haven’t tried all of the items yet, so can’t comment on the quality- I can tell you that one of the already small sized bottles was almost empty … and of course this was the sample I was MOST interested in trying.

Here’s a pic of everything that was included.

The ‘XOXO’ card is a bonus item. I don’t really see myself using it- unless one fo you wants to get a card in the mail… ? $10 for a set of 12- I’m better off just printing out a card, but it was nice of them to include an ‘extra’.

Item rundown:

1. twistband skinny headband. 6 pack for $20. 

It’s cute, but nothing too fancy. Looks like a piece of ribbon, but it’s way nicer to wear because of the elastic. Seemed to hold on my head, but definitely not for athletic activities. I’ve been wearing it since opening the box. I like it.

I got a nice olive green color. 
2. Arquiste L’ Etrog Frangrance. $165 for a full size bottle.

“Warm notes of citron, palm leaves & myrtle.. Inspired by the aromas of a medieval harvest festival in Calabria, Italy”

It didn’t smell like Italy to me, but the scent is nice! It’s a ‘mature’ scent that seems very womanly. – I’m usually into more floral and lighter scents, but I’m very excited to try this one. – I’m waiting for a special day 🙂 Also, I can’t usually wear strong scents but I think this one may work for me. We’ll see.

3. beautyblender blendercleanser. $17.95 for a full bottle.

For cleaning makeup brushed and sponges; removing the oil and bacteria from them. Not sure when I’ll get around to using this, but it is a nice sized full sample. Looking forward to cleansing my brushes- I have a habit of just using soap. I know, thats a no-no, and another reason why I was glad to get this sample.

4. Color Club nail polish ‘DiscoNap’. $8 

I love it. It’s the first thing I tried. Only two coats needed to get a strong, solid gold color. Chipped a little this morning (I painted last night) but overall it’s a great!

I’ve been looking for a good gold color since the holidays.Not a color I’d wear regularly, but definitely for parties or special occasions.  

5. Dr. Jart + Waterfuse BB Cream

This bottle is tiny and on top of that there’s nothing in it! I had to squeeze and squeeze to get anything out of it- which is a bummer because this is the product I’d be most interested in. The small amount that I was able to get out, was very lightweight and soft, but the tint didn’t seem to blend well on my medium olive complexion.

Then again, I can’t even call this a sample – so don’t take my word for it.


You should know: After opening the box, I went back over the website and I did in fact get what they said I would be getting. I got exactly what I signed up for; Samples. However, I will say I feel a little misled, because the boxes they show at look like they contain much bigger sample sizes.

At this point I’ve thought about canceling the subscription; but since it is just my first box, I’ve decided to go one more month and see what they send. Also, because this was a ‘special’ edition Birchbox, I want to give myself the chance to see what a regular box contains… and to tell you the truth, I kind of really really like getting surprise goodies once a month.

If, by some miracle after this post, you want to sign up and see for yourself whats in the boxes, you can Join Here. I’d recommend trying it for yourself…


3 thoughts on “My First Birchbox- Disappointing May Gossip Girl Edition

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