Cheating my Co-Wash

Yea, I know. Cheating at your co-wash already?! I couldn’t help it!

I went for a haircut two days ago and the best shampooing/massaging/best hair washing assistant in the world asked if I wanted a wash. Hell yea! How could I turn down one of those massages!

Yes, I could have turned it down and yes, I could have  also just asked her to skip the shampoo. But I felt kind of embarrassed. My hair wasn’t greasy or dirty, the Co-Washing has been going fantastically– but I kind of felt  rude (?) not washing my hair before a cut.

So I caved. But I don’t feel remotly guilty about it. I just wanted to let you all know how it’s (not) been going.

I think I could have gone another 3 days with co-washing alone! I’m using some cheap-ish Pantene conditioner and it’s been great. My hair feels clean, it really does! and I think I already feel it getting softer. It could be in my head. It could also just be because I had my dead ends removed.

Today I returned to the co-washing. Ran out of the Pantene and now using a Dove foaming conditioner. By the way, I’ve never used foam conditioner before- a little weird, but once you get used to it, it works just as well as the others.

Are you co-washing? I want to know how it’s going for you! Send me comments or find me at @BarelyBlueBirds to chat!


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