Banana Republic Nail Lacquer/ Polish in deep purple brown

Not sure if I’ve been under a rock or what, but this last week was the First time I’ve ever come across Banana Republic nail polish!

I found this bottle on sale for a little less than $5, it was the only color in the store. Lucky for them I’d been looking for a brown.

First and most importantly, the polish is smooth! I really like the way that it dries after a generous second coat. it has a nice shine to the color and and dried almost flawlessly. Drying period was not too long, as the polish is fairly thin, and the nail color seemed to hold up fairly well after drying. Though thin, it has a nice dark color and opacity. Not see though at all after the second coat.

Regarding the color: 1. I love it 2. I have no idea how to describe it.

The first coat comes out purple. With the second coat it turns more brown with a slight reddish tint. No purple visible.

Mostly it’s just a deep brown, but it varies depending on what light you in.

I tried to show the different colors, of course it never comes out the same on camera.

I highly recommend this polish for a smooth clean look. This color is a bit dark, but I’m happy with it. Cool, classic an mature.

Check it out for yourself:




4 thoughts on “Banana Republic Nail Lacquer/ Polish in deep purple brown

  1. I had no idea Banana Republic had nail polish, I’ll have to check those out soon. I never go in that store, but I will for some polish 😉 This is a chic color, loving it!

  2. In my experiance the Factory (Outlet) stores are the only ones that carry the polish. But the Factory store I went to had many colors. I bought three and love them all =)

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