June Julep Box and ‘Daisy’; the Super Thick Julep Polish

This month’s Julep Maven box was a great summer treat.

Beautiful colors in each of the box .. so great, in fact that I almost couldn’t choose…

As you can see I opted for the Boho Glam- such a fun, lively box. (I also got a couple of add-on polishes, but I’ll save that for another post).

Btw, you can take the survey, find out what your polish style is and sign up for your own Julep Box at Julep.com.  Promo code COLORS4ONE gets you your first box for just 1 cent! – no contract. That’s what I did!

As always, the box was a beautifully presented, and not only did it come with two full size nail polishes but  nice size hand/face sunscreen and a mint scented spf 15 chapstick. The chapstick  is one of my favorites- it smells like a thin mint!

Julep Maven Daylight Defense

Seriously, thin mints!

On the other hand, the ‘Daisy’ polish, was the biggest disappointment. I was really excited to have such a beautiful yellow for summer.. and while the polish looked good on my toes, it really did no justice to my hands. Actually, I couldn’t stand it. Wore it to work for half a day and took it off during lunch. It was a little too bright and a little too yellow. Slightly muted and it would have been beautiful. As it is, though, it’s just.. annoying.

Lastly, the polish is SO thick it doesn’t go on well. Look closely at the following picture and you’ll see what I mean- streaks and then some.

Julep Maven June 2012

Julep Maven, Boho Glam June 2012


What Good Customer Service Looks Like

Just a quick shout out to @BirchboxOps who handle Birchbox’s customer service on Twitter.

If you remember, my first Birchbox (May 2012) was a huge disappointment because of the tiny sample size– particularly of the ONE product I was really excited to try.

The Dr. Jart + BB creme sample was empty!

Birchbox May 2012 Dr. Jart BB

Nothing in this Dr. Jart+ BB Cream sample!

I don’t think I even got two drops out of the sample.. so, naturally, I complained on twitter. Found a few girls who had the same problem and started talking. @BirchboxOps was on it, though and immediately responded. I’m pretty sure they tweeted me first. They apologized and asked for a DM with my mailing address.

Birch Box customer service

aka Good Customer Service

Fast forward to one week later, and I’ve been sent two more samples in the mail. The two new samples were half full, but even so, Birchbox totallly made up for the empty box sample.

birchbox bb cream

1 original, 2 replacements

So, Thank you @BirchboxOps! Your amazingly quick response and the replacement samples are greatly appreciated!

Cheap Forever 21 Eye Shadows with a Great Surprise!

Cheap, Forever 21 eye shadows; not that bad at all!

I don’t remember exactly how much I paid for this set of three but I know it wasn’t much more than $2 or $3 (they were on sale).

forever 21 eyeshadow

forever 21 eyeshadow and swatch

When applied to the eyelid, shadow doesn’t come out quite as dense as it is in my swatch. It’s a bit lighter and harder to see. The colors, however, make a great base color on the eyes.

It’s not the best eyeshadow out there but the shimmer in them is nice and they’re a great price.

Also… theres the surprise….

I don’t even want to tell you how excited I was when I discovered the applicator brush and mirror underneath the shadow.. check out the photos to see what I’m talking about.

forever 21 eyeshadows

See how the case opens up to reveal a tiny applicator brush?! There’s also a nice little mirror on the underside of the shadow. I just love how compaq it is and especially that I can just throw it into my purse and go.

forever 21 eyeshadow case

Love, love, love. If you can still find these babies on forever21.com I highly recommend them.

They’re great on the go and perfect for teens (I know, I went back a few days after purchasing and bought some for my teenage cousin – she loves wearing it to school and the colors are light enough to not look overdone on her.