New Always Infinity Overnight Pads

First of all, pads are not exactly my thing and talking about them, reviewing them… well all that is new to me- yup, I feel slightly awkward… – regardless, I do use them occasionally. You know, like after 3 or 4 days of non stop tampons, I just need a break.

That being said, for what they are- padddddsssss–  this new Always style seems pretty great. Dare I say, comfortable.

Always Infinity Overnights


What I especially like is that the pad is so thin (finally!) and at the same time it’s been designed to a lot. – You can see in the pic.- the tiny holes, etc. help prevent… uh… overflow.

I also appreciate that it is tapered at the back end- It’s much more comfortable, less bulky and provides enough protection for overnight.We didn’t need all that extra padding before, so it’s nice that its gone now.

Lastly, the wings. They’re not the standard rectangle, so they fit much better and stick much better ie. they stay in place.

I use pads often enough to be able to tell the difference with this new style- and I like it.  When I do use pads, for overnight, I’ll be purchasing this product.

* BTW- This product was sent to me for free, at no cost of my own, for me to review on She Speaks. But you should know, my opinion of the product has not been altered because of it.


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